Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Prophy Paste

I have found a brand new dental product that has brought my teeth up like brand new!

It is called Prophy paste and it is the same as the dentist uses to give your teeth a good polish.

You can't find this product everywhere so I will give you the link here

Click here for Prophy paste tooth polisher

I would recommend anybody use this tooth hygiene product, I have had so many people mention my teeth since using it.

Teeth whitening has a remarkable effect on teeth but for that brand sparkling feeling prophy paste is fantastic.

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Wash your Hair Perfectly

To say that we have all been washing our own hair for most of our lives it is very hard to imagine that we may have been doing it in the wrong way.

It is very easy to break your hair whilst washing, this is because your hair is weaker when it is wet. Hair is delicate and should be treated in like manner.

Before you wash your hair be sure the brush thoroughly to ensure there are no tangles in your hair before washing. The reason is because if you do not brush and detangle your hair before wetting it, then your hair will tangle even more.

Use very gentle strokes with your fingers tips to cleanse your hair and shampoo. Use the same method to massage the scalp very gently. Make sure when you rinse the hair care products from your hair that you rinse thoroughly

Sometimes people choose to shampoo their hair twice. This is because the first shampoo is used to remove dirt and oil from your hair. Most of us think this is all we need to do, but some people choose to use high quality hair care products a second time to treat the hair you just washed. Conditioning the hair comes after the second wash.

Whilst washing hair remember not to treat your hair like a rag doll. Hair is very delicate indeed whilst wet so treat it that way.

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