Sunday, 8 April 2007

Make Up

Here are some make-up tips just for you......

14 Tips For Perfect Eyes

1. Smooth over your eye lids with foundation to create an even base on which to work, and to give your eye make up something to cling to.

2. Sweep over your eye lids with a brush loaded with translucent face powder.

3. Dust a little translucent powder underneath your eyes to catch any falling specks.

4. Use a sponge applicator to sweep a neutral ivory shade over your eye lids, work it right up towards your eye brows for a balanced over all effect.

5. Smudge a brown eyeshadow into the socket line of your eyes, using a sponge applicator. If you find blending difficult, try using a slightly shimmery powder as these are easier to work in.

6. Use a brush to sweep over the top of the brown eye shadow as this will remove any harsh edges.

7. To create a perfectly blended finish, sweep some more ivory eyeshadow over the edges of the brown eyeshadow using a sponge applicator.

8. Now that you have finished your eye shadow flick away the powder from underneath your eyes(with a brush).

9. Looking down into a mirror and keeping your hand steady, apply liquid liner along your upper lashes.

10. Use a clean cotton bud to work some brown eyeshadow under your lower lashes to add some subtle definition.

11. Squeeze your eye lashes with eye lash curlers to make them bend, before applying mascara. This will 'open up' the eye area.

12. Apply mascara onto your upper lashes and use the tip of the mascara wand to coat your lower lashes.

13. Stroke your eyebrows with pencil to shape them and fill in any patches.

14. Smooth over the top with a cotton bud to soften the eyebrow pencil line.

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nice blog..... give more tips on natural remedies for puffiness and dark circles... around the eyes..